A few years ago no one interested in buying budget earphones because decent quality earphones come free of cost with your phone.

But, Nowadays almost all the budget smartphones just come with chargers along with smartphones inside the box that’s why you are here and looking for a good pair of earphones or headphones for your smartphone with which you can enjoy content without disturbing anyone besides you.

Buying a good pair of budget earphones is really hard to find because there are too many options available in the market that your head starts spinning when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for.

So, if you are facing the same, we are here to help you with a solid solution. Over the last few months, we tried a number of pocket-friendly earphones below Rs.1000 to find the best one for you. We also have a list of Top 5 Best Bluetooth earphones under Rs. 2000.

And we found some really good pair of earphones under 1000 rupees which offer near to accurate soundstage, good bass, Crispy clear lyrics and comes with a mic for voice calls.

Everyone has there owned listening taste and that’s why there is no one best earphone out there and depending on your listening habits, you might prefer one pair of earphones over the other. That’s why we want to clarify one thing all the earphones listed in our list offer great audio there is no No.1 or No.2 here. If your budget is a bit low you can check our Best Earphone under Rs. 700 List.

List of Top 8 Best In-Ear Earphones Under 1000 INR with High Bass & Clear Audio in 2020

We have done detailed research keeping sound, & build quality as a priority, here are the top 7 best earphones under 1000 (INR) which you can buy today:

1. Realme Buds 2 with Mic

The Realme Buds 2 is a traditional wired pair of earphones, using the 3.5mm jack plug to connect to compatible devices. There is an in-line remote to control volume & to accept/reject calls with a microphone for hands-free use on the right cable.

The rubber cables above the Y-splitter feel a lot very durable, and there is also a rubber clip that can be used to keep the cables in place.

Realme Buds 2

There are magnets at the back of each of the buds, So, these buds can stick with each other when you aren’t using them. The magnets don’t actually control any function such as music playback and are simply there to make it easier to store the headphones when they aren’t in use.

The Realme Buds 2 has a very good 11.2mm drivers, with an impedance rating of 32 ohms, a sensitivity rating of 108dB, and a frequency response range of 20-20,000Hz. The sales package includes a total of three pairs of ear tips. We found the earphones to be comfortable, with a secure fit and adequate passive noise isolation. There was a fair amount of cable noise to be heard above the Y-splitter, but this is expected in this price range.

Good Thing about Realme Buds:

  • Great design and build quality
  • Clean sound, good soundstage
  • Aggressive and punchy bass
  • Can get very loud
  • Good value for money

The thing which we don’t like about Realme Buds 2:

  • Strong bass sometimes overpowers vocals and dialogue

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 749): Amazon | Flipkart

2. 1 More Piston Fit

I’m personally using 1 more piston from almost 3 months now and I’m amazed by the audio quality. The earphones bring a durable design along with rich sound quality which has won the hearts of many consumers. The thing I really like about these earphones is the clarity of lyrics. If you like to listen to bass-heavy music lyrics don’t mess up with the bass. Even the build quality is very premium with metal housing and it weighs only 14 grams which makes these earphones very lightweight.

1 More Piston Earphone below 500 Rupees

Good Thing about 1 More Piston:

  • These earphones come with powerful 10mm drivers that deliver amazing sound quality without any noise.
  • Superb build quality for the price.
  • Not over enhanced for bass.

The thing which we don’t like in 1 More Piston:

  • Due to metal mousing sometimes it hurts your earphones especially if you like to listen to music while sleeping one bed.

We recommend these earphones to those who are looking for solid build quality with decently loud earphones with accurate sound with medium bass.

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 799): Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall

3. Sony MDR-EX150AP

I’m a person who prefers quality over brand before testing Sony MDR EX150Ap I have really low expectations But when I use this earphone they just blow my mind.
First of all, these earphones are exceptionally light which means I never find them uncomfortable, no matter how long I have been wearing them use can use these earphones while running without any problem and they also pass my bed test.

Sony MDR EX150AP Earphones

The second thing I like about these is wires are very sturdy and the 3.5 mm jack along (not gold plated) with a metal casing for ear-tips feel quite solid and makes this earphone long-lasting.

Talking about specifications Sony MDR 150AP has 9 mm drives which offer well-balanced sound and doesn’t hurt your ears in a long time listening like the sound output is very melody on this one.

Bass on this one is like ok ok type but sound clarity is very good which I loved it.

Things I like about MDR EX150AP

  • Very lightweight and very comfortable for a long time listening.
  • Very balanced sound output with very decent bass.

Cons of MDR EX150AP

  • Bass output is not the best on this one.

Overall it a great option for any music lover or you like to watch a lot of movies on your phone this one is the best option. But, if you love your bass to be high and heavy, this is not the earphone for you.

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 849): Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall

4. Boat Basshead 225

Boat 225 I used for almost 2 years and I’m completely satisfied with them apart from weight. I just loved Boat Basshead 225 for high bass output which I don’t think any other earphones under 1000 offer. If your priority is bass then go with Basshead 225 without any second thought in mind.

There are a lot of things which makes boat basshead 225 is a perfect choice for anyone. This one has flat style cable or you can say tangle-free cable comes with gold-plated 3.5mm jack and all the joints are well connected. All in all build quality is just top-notch on boat basshead 225. These earphones sometimes sell for less than 500 but because these are super good we also include this one in our top earphones under 1000 list.

Boat Basshead 225

Boat Basshead 225 offers metal housing with 10mm drivers for promising sound output with high bass. The mic on basshead 225 is also very good for voice calls.

Pros of Basshead 225:

  • Best Build quality earphone under 1000 rupees which you can buy.
  • As the name suggests boat basshead offers High bass.

Things I don’t like about Basshead 225:

  • Due to the metal housing its a bit heavy and slipped out easily from ears even while walking and you can use these earphones for running.

All in all, I can say if you are a very hard user and looking for high bass boat basshead 225 is the best option for you under Rs. 1000 in India.

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 649): Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall

5. Audio Technica ATH-COR 150BK

If you are just looking for best sound experience or you can say ultimate sound experience buy Audio Technica ATH-COR 150BK But, Here is a condition if you can take care of your earphones only then buy these because of overall build quality if COR 150BK is very inferior. You can easily break the wire.

High Acoustic Resolution technology ensures the sound output from this neat little piece of hardware is refined and up to the mark. These in-ear earphones come with an 8.5mm driver that delivers great clarity audio with a well-balanced punch.

Audio Technica ATH COR150BK

It also features high acoustics resolution so that the sound that reaches you is powerful, detailed, and enriched with depth & clarity. The earphones bring a remarkably rich listening experience and I quite like it.

Things I like:

  • Really rich audio output with crisply clear lyrics with good deep bass.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Fits perfectly in the ear.

Things I don’t like:

  • Very Inferior Build Quality.

If you are looking for good sounding earphones and can safely carry your earphones then you can buy Audio Technica ATH COR150BK.

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 849): Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall

6. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II

If you look at amazon Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2 is the most sold earphones under 1000 INR price range and that’s why we decided to try these and we feel proud of our decision. Sound Quality from CX 180 Street 2 is great but in the design department, they need to do little more work. Sennheiser CX 180 Street 2 looks like a child toy design all made out of plastic but feels durable.

Sennheiser Street 2 Earphones

The wire on Sennheiser Street 2 is good but due to simple wire design it tends to tangle a lot and I have spent quite some time untangling them before I could use them.

Earphones fit perfectly in your ears and I have to say they did fantastic noise reduction on this one. The earphones feature bass-driven stereo sound technology that gives impressive and deep bass.

Pros of Sennheiser Street 2:

  • Good sound output with deep bass.

Cons of Sennheiser Street 2:

  • There is no mic on Sennheiser Street II earphones.
  • No tangle-free wire.
  • The design is not very promising.

This earphone is only for those who are looking for a pair of earphones just for media consumption.

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 749): Amazon | Flipkart

7. JBL C100SI

JBL a well-known brand in the audio industry especially for the DJ sound system but JBL also makes some budget-friendly earphones for normal music listeners like you. The JBL C100SI is a very lightweight and comfortable pair of earphones that will fit nicely in your ears without causing any discomfort. JBL also uses plastic housing to make these earphones lightweight but the plastic quality is very good and looks durable.

JBL C100Si Best Earphones Under 1000

The JBL C100SI deliver awesome bass for their size, and if you love the base, you are going to love this one. The JBL C100SI uses a pair of 9mm drivers that offer legendary JBL quality audio.

Things I Like about JBL C100SI:

  • Very nice audio output with heavy bass.
  • Good mic with active noise cancellation.
  • It also has a touch button to accept or end the call.

Things I don’t like about JBL C100SI:

  • No tangle-free cable.

JBL C100SI is an overall good option for anyone but you like it more if you like to listen to bass high music more then old songs.

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 699): Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall

8. Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo Fit

Panasonic, the brand was once very popular in India and suddenly with the influx of other Chinese manufacturers lost the sheen.RP-TCM125 Ergo-Fit is an in-ear earphone from Panasonic priced under Rs.1000. The build quality of Panasonic RP-TCM125 is on par with the other similarly priced models in the market.

Best earphone under 1000 Rupees

Enjoy listening comfort with soft, snug earbuds that conform instantly to your ears. Three pairs of ear tips included in the box, small, medium, large ensure a perfect fit for every ear.

Large 9mm drivers with neodymium magnets and crystal-clear sound while helping to keep out unwanted outside noise. Although this one at last place for best earphones under 1000 rupees that doesn’t mean that this one is not as good at earphones listed above.


  • Very comfortable for a long time listening.
  • It also has a mic for voice calling and a button to accept or end a phone call.


  • Bass is a bit over enhanced which interferes with lyrics at 70 to 80% of volume.

Check Price with Best Offer (Rs. 699): Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall

So, guys that are our list of Top 7 Best In-Ear Earphones under 1000 INR which you can buy in India for ultimate music experience.

Product Name Price(INR) Our Rating Buy Link
Realme Buds 2 Rs. 799 89 Amazon | Flipkart
1 More Piston Fit Rs. 799 89 Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall
Sony MDR-EX150AP Rs.849 87 Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall
Boat Basshead 225 Rs.649 88 Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall
Audio Technica ATH-COR 150BK Rs.849 84 Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall
Sennheiser CX 180 Street II Rs. 749 82 Amazon | Flipkart
JBL C100SI Rs.699 79 Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall
Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo Fit Rs.877 83 Amazon | Flipkart | Paytmmall

If you are still confused to feel free to get in touch with us in the comments and you can ask anything we will love to help you out. If you think this article can help anyone share it.