Our personal & professional life is now mixed up due to the smartphone we carry inside our pockets. Smartphone cameras now getting better ‘n’ better day by day that’s why we capture a lot of photos and videos with it. But some photos & videos are a little bit private which we don’t want to share with others. So, to keep them private there are many apps available on the Android Play Store. But not all the video & photo hide apps keep your data private some apps have some big flaws due to that anyone can easily bypass that security and dig into your private photos & videos.

But Don’t worry we are here to help you We tested almost all the apps personally and our ethical hacker Harpreet check all the security parameters and after a long discussion we come up with Top 10 best Video & Photo hide Apps which you can use in your Android smartphone to protect your personal photos with your girlfriends or Wife.

Top 5 Best Photo Hide Apps for Android

  1. KeepSafe (Free & Paid Version)
  2. Lock My Pix
  3. GalleryVault – Hide Pictures And Videos
  4. Vault
  5. Vaulty – Hide Pictures & Videos

1. KeepSafe Vault

If you ever search for photo or videos hiding app on play store then you definitely heard about this app called KeepSafe. Personally, I’m still using this app to protect my important data like Files, Photos & videos as well.

It’s available on the play store for a long time and It’s still one of the best application to protect your media files from others. This app received a lot of updates over the years to make it smooth, clean and easy-to-use for all.

This app will hide and secure your personal items and also make Backup photos with cloud storage (but only with paid version) to save space on your phone.

Keepsafe - Best Photo Hide Apps for Android

The Impressive thing about this app is the ICON, most of the peoples who are looking for something on your phone search for any suspicious app with security icon on related to it but to fool them out they use Calculator name and icon.

In this App, you got all the authentication options like a PIN, Pattern, and fingerprint.

You can jump inside any folders to protect your private videos or photos or personal ID’s. You can create your own folders and share that with other KeepSafe users.

KeepSafe Pro features

  1. Fake PIN.
  2. Break-in alerts with Selfie Shot along with time and date of unsuccessful attempts.
  3. Different front-end via Secret Door.

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2. Lock My Pix

Lock My Pix is a fantastic app for hiding your photo and videos on your android smartphone. That’s why we placed it on No. 2 in our list.
This app is one of the securest photo and video vault for protecting your private data.

It is powered by a military-grade AES encryption standard which locks your files behind a secure PIN or Password. LockMyPix is an award-winning app by trade magazines, like Computerbild, Chip.de, and more. It gives strong protection with AES encryption in all situations.

Lock My Pix

This app has an intuitive user experience, which helps you to encrypt your photos/ videos directly from the home screen of the app and you can even instantly click a picture and add them to the vault in just one click.

This app is filled to tons of add-on features like a fingerprint to unlock, shake the device to lock the vault and even hide LockMyPix from the app drawer. The Best feature of this app is that you cannot screenshot the app when it’s unlocked, which now also adds to the privacy and security of your content.

LockMyPix Pro features:

  1. Fake login credentials.
  2. Secondary vault with a fake PIN.

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3. GalleryVault – Hide Pictures And Videos

Gallery Vault is a really secure privacy app that’s why we put this on the number three. It’s easy to use and provide the highest level of protection which encrypts your videos, photos and other files that you want to hide.

Gallery Vault app has all the basic features like hiding app icon and keeps your data completely safe. You can import your personal photos and videos in this secure vault and no one can find that folder in your files system.

3. GalleryVault – Hide Pictures And Videos

What’s more, Gallery Vault has the simple and elegant design which provides you the smooth and amazing media browse experience.

The Best feature I like about this app if you are in hurry just shake your smartphone to close Gallery Vault.

It supports Break-in Alert which tells you who is trying dig into your personal files.

GalleryVault also Support Fake Passcode and show fake content when you input the fake passcode.

But the biggest problem with this app it only supports Samsung device with a fingerprint scanner.

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4. Vault – Photo Hide Apps for Android

Vault is a modern photo & video hiding mobile application designed to hide your private moments with your family or non-family (Girlfriends or something similar).

But Vault offers little more than just hiding your photos & videos it also helps you to protect your secret or dirty messages, calls and contacts from your phone So, no one can track your second and secret life.

Currently, Vault has over 100 million users from all around the world which is a very big number for any app which ensures that this app is loved by users from all around the world.


Main Features of Vault App:

  1. Hide Photos & Videos.
  2. Hide Contact and Call Details.
  3. Private Internet Browsing.
  4. Private Bookmarking
  5. App Lock
  6. Fake & Spam Call Protection
  7. Cloud Backup (for Pro Version)
  8. Fake Password
  9. Change Icon Option
  10. Break-in Alert with Photo.

But hey Vault also offers some things free of costs like Incognito Browser for Sex Chat, Private Bookmark, Cloud Backup and some other helpful features for free of cost.

So, As you can see Vault offer tons of things in just one app but not all the features come free of cost for pro features like Break-in Alert, Fake PIN or Password, Cloud Backup you have to pay some money. It also has an anti-spam call feature like this app will tell you whenever you received any call that this call is from a telemarketer, delivery boy or simply a spam call.

Vault comes with the App Lock feature to protect your social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and other apps like Gallery, call logs, etc. to prevent your privacy.

The private browser so no one can trace you behind.

With Vault, you can also hide photos and videos on your phone and only can be viewed after the correct password is entered. Photos and videos can also be backed up to Cloud Space for better protection.

Vault also offers Advanced Features in Pro Version like

Vault has a lot of things to do like you can create Multiple Vault. Some Fake Vault for tricking other with different passwords.

The vault icon disappears from your home screen once you hit back and only be found again with the correct password, so you get complete protection here too.

There is also a Break-in Alerts feature in this app which secretly snaps a picture who attempts to access with a wrong password with the time stamp and PIN code entered.

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5. Private Zone App:

If you’re looking for an app that does a lot (I mean, a whole lot) more than simply being able to hide your photos or videos, then Vaulty should be the perfect pick for you.

Private Zone App Photo Hide Apps for Android

This app is definitely useful for protecting your private pictures, videos or apps, but has also brought a variety of features for privacy-obsessed people. Here are a few of the top features of the Private Zone app:

  1. Free Private VPN Service.
  2. Harassment/ Spam Call Filter
  3. RAM Manager
  4. Custom Lock screen app.
  5. Phone Anti-theft Features

Though Private Zone brings several cool features the free version of this app is filled with ads, which can get frustrating for some users. But it can be avoided by paying a little money as a premium subscription for this app.

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So this is our list of Top 5 Best Photo Hide Apps for Android if you like this article please share your feedback with us by liking it, and if you think we missed any app let us know in the comments.

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