Personally, I’m a big fan of Nikhil Sharma vlogs, His journey from a middle class boy to a youtube star is really inspiring. Now he owns BMW Bike worth more than 20 lakhs.  But we are here to talk about his PC build not about bikes recently he partnered with Asus to build a PC for his editing & partly gaming So, in this article I’m going to tell you each and every party which he used to build his PC. So let’s get started.

Mumbiker Nikhil PC Build Specifications:

Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 2600X (2nd Gen, Pinnacle Ridge) – Rs. 18,500

Motherboard – Gigabyte TUF X470 Plus Gaming Motherboard – Rs. 32,000

Graphics Card – ASUS ROG STRIX RX Vega 56 (8GB) – Rs. 69,000

RAM –  PREDATOR 16GB(8GB x 2) DDR4 3200 MHz – Rs. 24,000

SSD – Kingston A1000SSD 240GB M.2 NVME SSD – Rs. 17,500

HDD – Western Digital Hard drive 1TB – Rs. 3300

Air Cooler – Master Air MA410M TUF GAMING EDITION – Not Available – Rs. 3900 (Approx)

PSU – Cooler Master 750 Watts TUF Edition (Semi-Modular) – Rs. 7600

Chassis – Master Box MB500 TUF EDITION – Not Available – Rs. 19,000 (Approx)

Monitor – ASUS PB287Q (4K) 28 inch – Rs. 43,990

Keyboard – ASUS STRIX TACTIC PRO (Mechanical) – Rs. 27,000

Mouse – ASUS STRIX Claw – Rs. 9100

Mouse Pad – ASUS STRIX Glide Control – Rs. 4,999

Total Price: 2,80,000 Rupees Only

Now you know all the Specifications of Mumbiker Nikhil PC Build But the big question is that is it worth spending this much money on this type of PC? and can you save some money by just changing few things.

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First of All, I’m not satisfied with accessories like Keyboard, Mouse & Mousepad cost Rs 40,000. You can easily go for Logitech premium accessories for much less Price.

You can also save money in the cabinet as you can go with Thermaltake View 31 which costs Rs. 11,000 Only. But If you are a big fan of Nikhil Bro then you can build Ditto same PC if your Budget allows.

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